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Lorne Arford

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1Lorne Arford Empty Lorne Arford on Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:26 pm

HumanMoon Demon Company
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Lorne has messy black hair, which is rather long. Small strand of it fall over his eyes which gives him the 'needs to get a hair cut' look. However, that is how he likes it and it never really gets in the way. His eyes are a shade of blue which is odd on a human. In the dark, the seem to glow up because of the colour, but in fact, it is just something passed down in his family. Lorne tends to hide the bottom half of his face with a white bandana which is slightly torn up. He has had it for as long as he can remember and he is never seen without it.

His body can be described as somewhat muscular. He doesn't have bulging muscles which make his clothes seem ten sizes too small, but he does have some. They are only really visible if he is wearing hardly anything or he is tensing. To cover up his body, he wears his uniform, just like anyone else. The green and the black don't look amazing on him nor dose it look like Lorne should never wear those colours again. It's just...okay. Nothing special. However, he thinks the hat is stupid and is rarely seen wearing it when he has a choice not to.
[url=https://a.ppy.sh/5934653?1439389894.jpg]Lorne Arford 5934653?1439389894

Lorne, despite his name meaning alone, is the furthest thing form shy. He loves the spotlight in his free time and he is always trying to make himself look good. If that means making jokes, he will make a joke. Need someone to help you with something? Ask Lorne. He is bound to do it. It's just him. He feels the need to make friends because of his up brining.

However, if the mere mention of the word vampires is mentioned, he turns cold. He will not joke, nor will he try to soften any bad news. It's like the word vampires is the key to a darker, more lonely Lorne. It takes him a few hours to gather himself back together. Sparing helps take the stress away. He pictures whoever his training with as a vampire, which can make him go overboard sometimes. But, he is quick to apologise if he does go too hard.

On the battlefield, he is a mixture of both. He will make jokes to try and comfort those who he see's as friends, but he won't go easy on anyone. If someone it acting stupid, he will upright tell them. But, he has his priorities straight. If one of his pals are in danger, he will jump in to save them. After, he is sure to joke about how dumb they were and why they should have waited.

The Arford family. A family known for their wealth and success in swordplay before the virus struck. Only the son of the family now lived. He was married too. The head of the family, Ethan Arford, and his wife, Jenna Arford, had two children. The first one was Jaden Arford. He was good at everything he done. Art, amazing. Music, fantastic. Maths, outstanding. In fact, the only thing he was bad at was swordplay. The thing his family specialized in was the thing Jaden was bad at. Knowing this, the parents knew they had to have another child to carry on the name Arford. Thus, Lorne Arford was born six years later. Now, Jaden was seven and still showed no talent when wielding a blade.

Eight years later, and Lorne turned nine. He was spectacular at swordplay. His father was very proud of him. His brother...not so much. Jaden, who was bad at one thing, was jealous of Lorne. In his view, Lorne was their favourite child and he was loved more then the Arfords first born. Feeling threatened, he cornered him and told him that he was older. When Lorne tried to protest, Jaden punched him in the gut. Jaden told him again. Lorne said something else but still got hit. Over and over again, his brother hit him, trying to show his authority. Eventually, Lorne gave up and admitted defeat. Then, the vampires walked in.

Lorne knew that the vamps had attacked other cities before, but he never thought of his town being targeted next. He should have. It was too late. Shards of glass flew in every direction as the windows of his house were smashed. Downstairs, Lorne could hear his father fighting some of those monsters. Due to his way with the sword, he survived longer then normal people. A scream that sounded like Lorne's mother was cut short and then...it all went silent. A few awkward moments passed. Lorne and Jaden sat there, in silence. Then, Jaden was foolish enough to look downstairs at what happened. Lorne tried to stop him but, he couldn't. Once Jaden got downstairs, his neck was cut open. His death was quick and painless. Petrified, Lorne stayed upstairs for at least half an hour. Then, he worked up the courage to go downstairs.

He shouldn't have went downstairs.

Quickly, Lorne ran out his house and away from the horrifying scene. His father's head was not on his body. His mothers legs were torn off. And his brother was surround by a moat of blood. As he ran threw the empty streets, gentle buzzing could be heard. The soft howl of the wind joined the sound, making the atmosphere really eerie. He knew who's fault it was. The vampires. The vampires. The vampires! They weren't even real things. Those creatures were stuff made up to scare kids. Myths! How on earth were they real?Real or not, he knew one thing...they all had to die. So, he continued his training for eight years and joined the Moon Demon Company recently. Due to his sword skill, he swiftly moved through the tests.

Lorne looked like he had changed, but on the inside, he hadn't. The only thing that kept that side of him locked up was the key. The key word. The phrase which was just a myth. And no one has used to it to open the jail inside his mind. He knew no one that could open it yet. And he hoped he wouldn't meet anyone.

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