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A Colorful Existence

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1A Colorful Existence Empty A Colorful Existence on Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:41 am

The crumbling buildings and the rusted remains of vehicles surrounded Annie as she made her way through Harajuku. Her mission for the time being? Find more paint,this of course was easier said then done. Most paint sets were hard to come by they were often too dried out and hard for easy painting,the water needed to be pure and clean for the best colors to come from them.

Or never had all the colors she needed. So here she was searching through a hobby store hoping beyond hope that she could find even a handful of usable paint bottles.

She picked through them all slowly throwing away the ones that wouldn't work until finally she came out with a few bottles of red,yellow,blue,white and black.

"JACKPOT!" She shouted happily from inside her bear suit her voice still loud enough to echo through the surrounding area,she could work with this for now,if she needed any other colors she could always mix these to get what she needed...now the next phase of her plan started,what would she paint?

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