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Rebirth (open to anyone)

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1Rebirth (open to anyone) Empty Rebirth (open to anyone) on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:33 am

The sun glared down at the earth with scorching rays, the dust and sand in the air sparkling as it rolled across the the broken land like waves of diamonds. A lone figure trudged through the shimmering streets of a town in ruins, stepping over walls that had collapsed and down streets that looked like bountiful gardens of boulders. He wore a large black cloak over his back with the hood pulled up until it covered almost half of his face as well. This man who seemed as though he walked with a distinct destination in mind was know as Ashura and in fact he had absolutely no idea where he was headed at this moment.

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2Rebirth (open to anyone) Empty Re: Rebirth (open to anyone) on Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:25 am

It was an ordinary day for Aegis. He marched around the ruins of Harajuku, hunting for vampires and horsemen alike and hoping that he could spill few blood from their veins as he pierced them through. The ruined town was noisy as usual, loud screams could be heard everywhere and the sounds of hungry beasts. However, Aegis wasn't startled or scared at all, he casually walked through ruined buildings, into empty streets with his hands on both of his pockets. When one vampire bumped into him, a head would roll down while blood stained the street. As he made a right turn, he encountered a fading shadow of a person, it wasn't clear enough as boulders blocked his vision over the mysterious person.

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3Rebirth (open to anyone) Empty Re: Rebirth (open to anyone) on Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:30 am

Ashura had been walking in this direction for a while now without really have a reason for it. He had seen few living creatures but knew they were actually large in number from all the noise caused by them. He began wondering why he had encountered so little of them when something walked through a broken doorway he was just about to pass by. It looked like a human which sparked Ashura's curiosity as to how a human would simply be walking around in this place but the "human" then smiled and Ashura caught a glimps of the fangs that glinted in the sun and he knew this man was a vampire and lost all curiosity he previously held, it was instead replaced with a different emotion. Oh hi there! Ashura exclaimed to the vampire with a large smile on his face when hand suddenly moved and hand crashed against the side of the vampires head in an open handed slap that caused him to slam against a collapsing wall next to him. Do me a favor will ya? Make some good noises for me and call your buddies to come play. Ashura spoke in a tone that resembled a young boy who just received a brand new toy with a widening grin on his face that broke open to reveal teeth that looked as though they would tear apart anything they touched.

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