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Bleeding Heart: An SPN, TVD and TO Roleplay

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1Bleeding Heart: An SPN, TVD and TO Roleplay Empty Bleeding Heart: An SPN, TVD and TO Roleplay on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:14 pm

Sam Winchester

[align=center]Bleeding Heart: An SPN, TVD and TO Roleplay 14nh4k3

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After nine long months of having to deal with Lucifer, Dean has finally found a way to put him back in the cage. With that being said, the barrier in Mystic Falls is down and all the infected are dead as they should be but things aren't settled down for the town of Mystic Falls just yet. Barbas is still alive and has his own Headquarters right smack in the middle of Mystic Falls to break Supernatural creatures until their innocence is gone, making them go dark for his upcoming army. That is only the start of his plans too since he has his eyes are on a certain child, a child that is predicted to bring the end to all Demons but Barbas plans to raise him and use him to his own benefit rather than what the prophecy says. So, in doing so, he keeps trying to convince Leah the child is his rather than Dean's, who has got the mark and the First Blade to kill Barbas, causing him to get more dark with each kill and he can't seem to control.

As if that wasn't enough, when Dean did the ritual to put Lucifer back in his cage, it caused his doppelganger, Alex, to get sucked into Purgatory. the second that happened, everything in Purgatory is starting to go crazy all over again. Now, not only are the Supernatural creatures being sucked into Purgatory but also the humans as well while the Supernatural Creatures in Purgatory are being sucked out, into the real world, including the Leviathans. Now, they all have to deal with finding a way to reverse what's already been done especially with a witch who has had this planned all along to bring the monsters out and cause chaos in Mystic Falls. The only way to reverse the spell, though, is with a very powerful warlock/witch. Aside from the one that created the spell, there is only one other that can do it, Cyrus, who just so happens to be another evil warlock after his girlfriend died and his adoptive parents deserted him. Will everyone convince the Warlock to help them or will he just let everything get worse?

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