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NEGATIVE [Aegis's Plotter]

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1NEGATIVE [Aegis's Plotter] Empty NEGATIVE [Aegis's Plotter] on Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:27 pm


NEGATIVE [Aegis's Plotter] Tumblr_mq3mfrARun1s07mq5o1_500

  • FRIENDS: friends of mine. Aegis is known for being a cold person even to strangers. He is exactly the type of friend or demon to be precise, who will go out and do "fun" things with you. He's a funny guy, or at least he thinks so, and his optimistic smile is infectious. He's smart in his own way, but doesn't come off as such on a first appearance, so it might be surprising to have him suddenly involved in an intelligent conversation. He's definitely the perfect partner-in-crime! Psstt.. He's a protective one. You might get an extra protection when he's around. Lucky you, right? Most demons can fall into this category since they share the same trait.

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  • ENEMIES: because why not? One thing about Aegis that is remarkable is his will. No matter how long a fight lasts, he will continue to be in the game. He is determined and hopeful, and that combination causes him to seem to bounce back from things quickly. Aegis holds grudges longer than anyone else, thanks to a stubborn streak and an inability to forget, if not forgive. If you wrong him once, he will remember it, and it will still color his thoughts and actions towards you far into the future. So maybe think twice before opening your mouth. If you piss him off enough you may actually feel the heat from him. Much of the vampires are here since they are against Aegis and the ones who hate Demons. Enemies don't have to be bad guys, they can be rivalry. Those who are jealous with Aegis's rank as a Yaksha can be here.

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  • ROMANCES: love me forever. A big, giant question mark. Definitely, it's hard for him to meet the opposite sex in this chaotic world, many of them are on the opposite side of the river since he's a demon himself, creepy huh?. Aegis doesn't really have a lot of experience in these matters, and doesn't even really know what he likes yet either. People often assume the opposite, and will be surprised when he turns out to be not the person they had pictured in their head. He's super clueless when it comes to love. But, this is a possibility.

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