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Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP]

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1Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP] Empty Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP] on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:32 am

Panic City Resident

Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP] 27UnRLhIn the vast city of Reighs City, even the residents have named it Panic City because of the rapid growth in the criminal population. Simply surviving has become rather difficult. Criminal and Villains run rampant within the streets and most are unafraid to steal in broad daylight. Heroes and vigilantes are moving into the city to try and help keep the citizens safe, but will this create an even bigger issue of war between them and villains and criminals? And if this war breaks out are the citizens in the middle? The people of Reighs City also seem to hold unique secrets as some of them hold amazing powers. Secret relationships between cops and villains exist, causing distrust and discord even in the force. Even some heroes have been seen to turn to the dark side. Is this whole system corrupted? 

There's an underground criminal system. No, literally, it's underground. Beneath the city's sewer systems, criminals have dug out a place for the black market to exist. It's almost like an entire city of it's own, only it is a haven for the crooked and a poison for the straight. They say once you go down there, there's no way you're coming back a normal citizen or hero ever again. They say the criminals down there know how to break you and turn you just a rotten as they are. They have their own little newspapers below that talk of the latest crimes and murders villains have pulled. In the papers, they pick a hero of the month to torment. It's like a funny game to see which hero they can cause to crack under pressure, kill off, or even flip their morals upside down and make them one of their own.
The villains and criminals have all but taken over Reighs City, driving hundreds of citizens out with their reign of terror. Kidnappings seem to be frequent, robberies daily, and murders whenever someone gets the fancy for it. Some villains and criminals have formed teams that are recruiting normal citizens by kidnapping and force. But there's hope yet. Heroes and vigilantes have been said to be moving into the city. Perhaps they will find a way to wipe and purge the streets clean of these low lives?
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2Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP] Empty Re: Panic City [Superpower Hero/Villain RP] on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:27 pm

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