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Dreams of the Forgotten (OPEN)

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1Dreams of the Forgotten (OPEN) Empty Dreams of the Forgotten (OPEN) on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:28 am

There are many dangers in the world but none were as well known as the dangers of Harajuku. Horsemen and beasts of death roamed the land with little to no restraints. These creatures along with the disease that killed the adults were the reason of Tokyo's current state. It was up to the military to lower their numbers as an unnatural disease to this would be apex predator.

This would have not been for the cursed gear and soldiers such as Kurome Strass. At the moment Kurome sat on the top of a green two story building. His uniform was pristine and well ironed as usual and his face held its usual stone cold glare. His current objective was to be lookout. Within his view a squad of JIDA members could be seen fighting a Horseman. Kurome was pretty sure he could deal with the enemy with little to no effort but it wasn't allowed.

His mission was to watch over the new recruits while a friend of his was doing something else. Kurome just had to make sure no other Horsemen showed up and that no one died. It is a simple mission Kurome thought. He barely noticed the Horseman that was aiming at him from a far distance.

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2Dreams of the Forgotten (OPEN) Empty Re: Dreams of the Forgotten (OPEN) on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:43 am

A small messenger, well solider in actuality. A man with snow white hair swept by the city of Harajuku with four others. All in uniform of green and black running ahead in formation toward the center of city where a mission for recruits was being held. Of course there were all different things happening in Harajuku at all times by different teams. It was a central area for vampires and horsemen in Tokyo... at least one of the areas.

As they continued toward the destination the white haired man yawned in boredom. They have yet to run into a single vampire or horsemen at all since entering the city. For most that would be ideal but at the current moment it was a disappointment. After being stuck inside the walls for a few days, he was finally out and yet there was no action. And no blood on his hands. The sergent in charge as well as team mates glared at him. How boring he thought. Suddenly the formation began to change. The sergeant ran next to Nikolaj and ordered him to check and see how the small horsemen mission was going. It probably wasn't necessary but they didn't want bored fussy Nikolaj around as they discussed matters with a separate team only another mile or so away. Gladly agreeing he headed for the group.

As Nikolaj approached he jumped onto a building to see what seemed to the mission leader of sort on another building. At least he assumed seeing as he was staring at a group below defeating horsemen instead of helping. He slowly made his way over when another horsemen that aimed for the leader away from the current pack of horsemen. Nikolaj smiled.

"Finally~ Time stretch your legs Lie Ren."

Nikolaj sprinted for the horsemen while reaching into his shoulder holster to grab two guns. As he took a leap toward the horsemen blades extended from the gun. Nikolaj managed to lang on top of the horse men's head take a clean hit before jumping off toward the leader.

"I think ya might've missed one there."

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